Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Last Night's Leaders' Debate

The first time Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer spoke last night during the federal leaders' debate, he attacked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with vehemence. The problem was the question asked of each party leader was not about the PM's leadership or lack of, but rather how each would represent Canada's values and interests internationally. (Make no mistake, emotion complete with sniping came to the fore when the 'proper' time came.)

It reminded me of a debate held on TVOntario's superb public affairs show The Agenda a few years ago. Show host Steve Paikin asked Doug Ford (that Doug Ford) to state why Ontarians should vote for the Conservatives. The answer consisted of a tirade about the Liberals.

I'm convinced.

Liberals: 20 percent emotion; 80 percent logic/knowledge.
Conservatives: 20 percent logic/knowledge; 80 percent emotion.

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