Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Newsflash: I Watched Newsmax (Yikes)

Earlier this evening I popped on YouTube and noticed something interesting: Newsmax was streaming live. Great. That's the news service that defeated man Donald Trump has switched to. (How dare Fox News "call" the election's winner! Even if it is a long tradition.)

Commercial: Some sporty-looking dude walks towards the camera: "They're everywhere! Liberal Democrats!" (Oh, no. That can't be good.)

Back to Newsmax. "Spicer & Co." Oh, yes. That guy. He's talking: "communism", "socialism". Someone should ask Sean Spicer to explain to his audience what those terms mean. (Does he even know?)

Lots of smirks.

There's a panel discussion. Key phrase: "Traditional American Values."

My takeaway?....Extreme bitterness that Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden.

Too slow. Before I could sign off, another commercial: "Freedom versus socialism!" (Cue Carl Stalling: "That's all, folks!")

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Simon St. Laurent said...

I uploaded this post and got caught again....

A guy named Greg Kelly came on. This guy is a total nutter.