Sunday, December 27, 2020

Football Gives the Boot to Ice Hockey

While working away here at home I'm running Premier League football matches. The one playing right now features Liverpool F.C. and West Brom. (Liverpool is leading 1 to 0 at about the 40 minute mark.)

My football streaming habit is changing me.

Courtesy of there are sports of all kinds. But ice hockey, my "absolute favourite team sport", has been taking a hit. I can no longer watch it. One of my teachers in art school was a Brit; a lady from London. She said to the class one day, something off the topic of artistic rendering: "No team sport is as exciting as ice hockey."

But I'm losing to football.

I wouldn't care if the NHL (National Hockey League) folded. Actually, for me, that league, with its dinky-sized ice surface and its predilection for fistfights, cannot compare with international or Olympic ice hockey. Yeah, the good ol' NHL game. Many times I've heard people say, "I can't stand the fighting". Not often have I seen football players duking is out. They know they're playing on the pitch, not the playground.

Back to the match....

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