Saturday, January 2, 2021

ESR Film Journal Is Firing Again

Toronto-based independent film journalist/scholar Greg Woods has again fired up his blog, ESR Film Journal. I have several copies of the now defunct print version and can assure the reassure the reader that one will not get the usual mainstream Hollywood pap available just about everywhere.

For instance, in Issue Number Three (Fall 2001) of The Eclectic Screening Room:

* Blood from The Mummy's Tomb
* The Films of Chantal Ackerman
* Jonas Mekas
* High School Confidential
* Early Kubrick
* Skip Tracer

Good reading!


Greg Woods said...

Hey Simon, thanks for the plug!

As you may know, I've always had a love-hate relationship with the name The Eclectic Screening Room, because everything else I could think of sounded too close to other things being published at the time. Is ESR Film Journal too confusing? I guess one has to know the publication in the first place to understand the acronym, other Film Journal in the title makes it explicit what the site is about.

Onward and upward,

Simon St. Laurent said...

I've always like "Eclectic Screening Room", but you're right, "ESR Film Journal" will have readers wondering what "ESR" means.

Journal Cinematic (sounds faintly like something André Bazin might have written for).

In my post I wasn't clear in noting the journal's title change.