Thursday, January 14, 2021

In Today's Junk Mail Box - Some Eeepoch Times

China, Communism, Socialism, China, Chinese, Socialism, Communist, China, China, China.

That, folks, just about sums up editorial content in the newest issue of The Epoch Times, a fresh copy of which showed up in my mailbox yesterday here in The Annex, Toronto. (My guess is they're trying to spread their right-wings.)

I'll put it to good use, even if Wilhelm insists I put a layer of litter between him and that rag.

Editorial: My cat's all about "Truth & Tradition".


Greg Woods said...

Did I ever tell you about the time a "friend" had gotten me a free subscription to this conspiracy rag (the name now escapes me) in the early 2000s? So for about two years I kept getting a free magazine in the mail, where most of the content was 9/11 conspiracy theories. To this day, I've no idea who sent it, though I have a couple of suspects. (PS- back in those days, the truthers would also rent the Bloor about once a month to show documentaries on the subject.)

Simon St. Laurent said...

Your Ward News, publication of one Dr James Sears?

I got that rag in my mailbox one time only. Hate-filled propaganda.

Thanks for the story. I wish I had known about those special 'dedicated' screenings at the Bloor Cinema. Some people cannot accept the fact that more often than not a marshmallow is just a marshmallow.

Greg Woods said...

No, it wasn't that one. Completely zoning on the name at this remove, but do you remember seeing those free health magazines around the Annex.... Vitality was one, forget the other name. Anyway, this conspiracy rag I speak of was in the same printing fashion as those: magazine sized, two staples in the centre, printed on newsprint, including the cover (non-glossy).

Simon St. Laurent said...

"You're the disease, and I'm the cure", said the paper shredder.

Greg Woods said...

Yeah! Makes you want to buy a budgie so you can use the paper to line the bird cage.