Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Lost In Space Cardboard Clip - Displaced to Space?

The above 4cm-square card came, as I remember it, with a VHS tape I bought years ago of a single episode from the old and very bad television series Lost In Space (CBS). Before online video streaming services like YouTube materialized and provided sample clips, if not whole episodes, one had to sometimes buy old television programs on tape if one could not find a given show on the airwaves -- in my case, this was also just before DVD's came out. My excuse for buying LIS on VHS was I was designing a short film, and the script at times called for an "Irwin Allen Look". Look for: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964 - 1968); Lost In Space (1965 - 1968); The Time Tunnel (1966 - 1967); and Land of the Giants (1968 - 1970). Pick your poison, although Voyage is by far the best of the bunch.

With this being Donald J. Trump's last day in office, rumours are swirling about that the displaced U.S. president and his immediate family have volunteered to pilot the Jupiter 2 on a one-way flight to a planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri. Of course, while the Trumps are frozen in acrylic tubes for the long trip, their frisbee-like ship will be knocked off course by a stowaway, an enemy agent. Who that person will be, we can only guess....

It sounds like a show with low ratings.

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