Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Song of the Year! ("Racist, Sexist Boy")

Last week someone I follow on Twitter posted a clip from the above, and like many tweeps I watched and got punked. These talented young ladies from the band "The Linda Lindas" perform, what is for me, "The Song of the Year".

Just to put this in perspective, I have never seen the Grammys; I am just a sponge for the arts.

More perspective: Racist, Sexist Boy was written by band members Eloise, who's thirteen years of age, and ten-year-old Mila.

Wow. At those ages the best I could come up with musically was a hum of the theme tune to Gilligan's Island. (And certainly not a lyric to match "The Professor and Mary Ann", never mind "We rebuild what you destroy".)

"The Linda Lindas" are making me reach back to my music shelf: "Television"; "The Ramones"....

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