Thursday, June 29, 2023

CD: Lost in Space 2 (Courage, Mullendore, Williams)

Lost in Space
- Original Television Soundtrack -
Volume Two

Music by
Alexander Courage, Joseph Mullendore, John Williams

GNP/Crescendo Records


Simon St. Laurent said...

As I noted in the comment section to my piece from June 22nd, CD: Lost in Space 3 (Salter, Stein, LaSalle, Williams)....

In early 1996 GNP/Crescendo Records released a six-CD set of music from producer Irwin Allen's 1960s telefantasy shows. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964 - 1968, ABC); Lost in Space (1965 - 1968, CBS); The Time Tunnel (1966 - 1967, ABC); Land of the Giants (1968 - 1970, ABC). In the set were two discs for Space.

At any rate, with the exception of some Voyage, the Irwin Allen shows were pretty terrible: fine, even great, when we were children, but at best we look now at them with a mix of nostalgia and "when I was a kid I thought this show was great".

Lost in Space - Disc Two features the work of Alexander Courage, Joseph Mullendore, and, of course, John Williams.

Courage is represented by two scores, for the episodes "Wild Adventure" and "The Great Vegetable Rebellion". The composer shows his range: from a floating waltz in a wild adventure with a green woman, to playful whimsy in fields of Debussian green. (I love that harpsichord.)

Mullendore's fitting and charming musical accompaniment for "The Haunted Lighthouse" features a memorable theme projected and developed from a piccolo to a tuba, with lush strings in between.

These scores are framed by a new Johnny Williams theme tune, one that hoped to frame tales of exciting adventure in Lost in Space's third and final season. (The Jupiter 2 spaceship was no longer committed to sit on a planet for an entire season.) Unfortunately, Williams' new stab at a signature tune resulted in a piece that was undoubtedly driven high, but lacked the special uniqueness of his original theme ― a theme that did become removed from the campy, and ridiculous, television program that LIS eventually became.

Greg Woods said...

Did you ever see Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train? The "Lost in Space" segment in the final third is one of the funniest things I've ever watched. "Them dumb white folks, marooned on another planet. And June Lockhart was in it. You know, Lassie's mother?"

Simon St. Laurent said...

Indeed, I did!

I liked the way it took 'them' a while to make the connection. Eventually the revelation went something like: "Lost in Space, I hadn't thought of that. Danger, Will Robinson!"

This Jarmusch fan remembers that the filmmaker liked shows like Lost in Space when he was a kid... he was twelve years of age when that series premiered. Jarmusch also devoured giant-bug movies.