Thursday, June 22, 2023

CD: Lost in Space 3 (Salter, Stein, LaSalle, Williams)

Lost in Space
- Original Television Soundtrack -
Volume Three

Music by
Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein, Richard LaSalle, John Williams

GNP/Crescendo Records


Simon St. Laurent said...

I'd forgotten I had this CD, probably because I grabbed it when the disc was released in 2000. Four years earlier, record company GNP/Crescendo released a 5-CD set titled "The Worlds of Irwin Allen", a fine sampling of scores from Allen's 1960s SF-fantasy television programs: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964 - 1968, ABC); Lost in Space (1965 - 1968, CBS); The Time Tunnel (1966 - 1967, ABC); Land of the Giants (1968 - 1970, ABC). In the set were two discs for Space. The featured CD here was a follow-up volume, due, apparently, to the fact that the boxed set sold above expectations.

At any rate, with the exception of some Voyage, the Irwin Allen shows were pretty terrible: fine, even great, when we were children, but at best we look now at them with a mix of nostalgia and "when I was a kid I thought this show was great".

Volume Three features the work of Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein, and Richard LaSalle, all of whom shared scoring responsibilities on the Lost in Space episode, "The Derelict". The special team wrote music to enhance the episode's strange and eerie alien environment. Special mention must be made of Stein's affecting "Family" theme.

Johnny Williams' score for "My Friend, Mr. Nobody" is a beauty, complementing the sweet story of Penny Robinson and her special friend.

To be continued Next Week!

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Simon St. Laurent said...

... a 6-CD set, not 5. (I had missed the 'bonus disc'.)

Also: I have since changed "Johnny Williams" to "John Williams", to reflect what's written on the packaging. Williams became "John" for Irwin Allen's final '60s series Land of the Giants.