Monday, January 1, 2018

Here's to 2018

As my dad warned me a few times, once you hit twenty years of age, "life goes like a rocket". "Every time you turn around another . . . year has gone."

Proof: I went to change my kitchen calendar this morning and found it open at "July". (Admittedly that might say more about me than any passage of time.)


* Today the minimum wage here in Ontario, Canada, goes up to $14 an hour. Good. It's about bleedin' time. Some will bellyache, and they got off to a good start when the great news was released, but this move is vital. Let's be honest here; many bellyachers, small and large, don't want profits reduced. And as for public companies: Shareholders sure as heck won't take a hit.

* This year our Prime Minister and his crew are planning to "legalize" ("regulate, and restrict access to") marijuana ("pot"). It's about bleedin' time. I don't smoke, but if and when this progressive new plan is implemented, I will then smoke my brains out, and, make that natural and expected progression to the really hard and good stuff: cocaine, heroin....

Happy New Year!

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