Monday, January 22, 2018

"Hamlet" is Being Filmed at Dover Castle

As I wrote on November the 17th of 2009, edited slightly for this introduction:

While visiting England back in April of 1990, I made sure I revisited Dover Castle, a well known tourist attraction in those parts. I had been once before, as a wee-one back in 1967, so it was time, twenty three years later, to make the pilgrimage.

When I arrived at the main gate the security guard, a rather pleasant older chap, said to me with no hesitation, "you're in today for free, mate". Of course, I asked could not have been the fact that I looked, walked, and quacked like a Canadian, especially since I had not even quacked at that point.


"Franco Zeffirelli's filming his new movie here."


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Simon St. Laurent said...

A young girl with her dog saw me taking pictures of the shoot. She asked me: "Excuse me, sir. Have you seen Mel Gibson?"

No, I hadn't. Not that I know of....