Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Good Sweetness at "Yorkdale"

I'm not one to shill unless the money is really good. (As of yet I've been offered nothing.) Recently I took a trip to the Yorkdale Shopping Centre here in Toronto and while I was there I popped into Nadège Patisserie. While I do carry a French  surname with considerable pride and honour -- take that, British half! -- I usually don't indulge in French pastries, or Any pastries.

A topnotch barista helped me choose something sweet.

What I had was good and tasty -- a croissant of some kind. The coffee, a "regular" coffee, was kick-butt. So kick-butt that soon after I polished off the magic juice I could feel hyperness setting in. I started to gesticulate like a crazy Frenchman.

And here I am.

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