Sunday, January 21, 2018

An American and a Canadian Go to a Bar

About ten years ago when I was a technical director at a film festival here in Toronto I befriended a filmmaker from Manhattan. We went out for a beer at a local bar.

A discussion about films and festivals was to be expected. One thing brought up by the native New Yorker was the difference between Torontonians and his city-mates:

"You're nicer."

My response was along the lines of: "Really?"

"Yeah, you're....softer."

I  told a few of my buddies and they too were a little surprised. Hey, a visitor to this great city made an observation. That's all.

I'm not a native Torontonian -- my father was in the Canadian military (the RCAF part) for decades, which meant I moved about a bit -- but I've lived here for many years and I've noticed that even Torontonians are Canadians.

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