Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Doug Ford's Scare Tactics

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Doug Ford is terrified (to use his own often repeated word) the Ontario NDP is pulling ahead in the polls. Check the latest Pollara poll.

He addressed a crowd of supporters and reporters and dispensed something like this: "(the NDP) will reach into your pocket and steal every dollar you've ever earned."

(And repeat; and repeat.)

Mr Ford spoke in the past tense. If the New Democrats take office in June, will they journey back in a time machine and steal every dollar I've ever earned? (By the way, why would every dollar someone has ever earned still be in his or her pocket? Ford ended up contradicting himself.)

The thought of the NDP pulling off such a sneaky play really pisses me off!

And that time machine will be built with my money! Okay, now I'm really angry!!!....

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