Monday, May 28, 2018

War of Attrition, Ontario Election Style

The Ontario leaders' debate took place here in Toronto last night. It was the third and final one, with the election to be held on June 7th. (The advance polls have already opened.)

As I suspected, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Doug Ford added nothing; he repeated, often within the same volley, the usual lines: "I care about the taxpayer of Ontario . . . the little guy ... I'll lower taxes...."

After Mr Ford managed to eject one of his oft-repeated bites he'd snap into that stare; a happy version of the 'thousand yard stare'.

"I'm the only one...." opened up many of his lines. Really, sir. Try this: "I'm the only one who hasn't released a platform, so you, the voter of Ontario, who I care about way more than these other two, as I like to keep telling you, over and over again, won't know what I will spring on you when I take office."

Both Ontario Liberal leader, and sitting premier, Kathleen Wynne, and the NDP's Andrea Horwath both asked Mr Ford why his party has not released a party platform. He just grinned, giving no answer each time asked.

My local Ontario PC candidate, Gillian Smith, of "University-Rosedale", has lost my vote. Her flyer card has been placed in the recycling bin. (There's no risk of it finding a new life as a costed platform document from the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.)

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Adele Menegon said...

Had a problem with recording the debate on Sunday but look forward to watching it when the problem is fixed today. I found this summary very good and will look for the points noted.Have had robocalls from Ford himself and the local candidate which I immediately blocked and will continue to do.