Sunday, May 27, 2018

Expect Nothing and Never Be Disappointed

The third and final Ontario leaders' debate is to commence in less than ten minutes. The NDP's Andrea Horwath will no doubt take extra heat from opponents Doug Ford of the PCs and sitting premier Kathleen Wynne of the Ontario Liberals: The Ontario New Democratic Party is polling high.

Mr Ford has yet to release a campaign party platform; the election happens on June the 7th and there is no official document from the Progressive Party of Ontario. This vacuum produces a mix of both the comical and tragic. Voters who demand a costing breakdown over and above Ford's simple sound bites are out of luck.

Doug Ford will need a lot of luck if he is to be an effective debater tonight. "I care about the little guy" and "the taxpayer of Ontario" are good for about five seconds.


Tibor said...

I managed to watch the first 20 minutes...feel like I deserve a medal.

Jon said...

The lack of a PC platform stems from Patrick Brown being knifed in the back and thrown under the bus, a Rasputin-like end to a leader too many in the party didn't think could hack it.