Saturday, May 5, 2018

Star Wars Spoiler - To Me

Star Wars is just a movie, and the Star Wars movies are just movies, which is probably why I like Mark Hamill's sense of humour regarding his role in the franchise.

Spoiler for some: I learned just a few months ago that Luke Skywalker was killed-off. This vital bit of intelligence came about when a friend asked me: "Do you know....? Do you know about....?" My response was honest: "Go ahead. Tell me. I'll probably never see (the films), anyway."

A Washington Post interview with Mr Hamill:

‘I’m not convinced I’m dead’: Mark Hamill on Luke’s fate, Trump vs. Vader and kissing Harrison Ford


Dominic M said...

Hahahahha...are you gonna say that Star Trek is just a show next? Do we need to take your temperature?

Simon St. Laurent said...

Star Trek, the original, is just a show, absolutely. I bought the series on home video just last year and have watched one episode (two months ago). It's also the only television series I've seen every episode of (many times each). My fave, All in the Family, may be more than just a tv series.

Great. Another snarky reader. But, your question about my body temperature is somewhat valid: I've been called "cold".

Your observations are appreciated!