Monday, May 21, 2018

Bottled Inspiration?

Does alcohol help the creative juices flow? Like many people who write I probably work better with caffeine. I have no memory of writing while consuming alcohol. Oh... I do. Over pints of beer I did a major rewrite of a troublesome script of mine: no more than a couple frosties per pub-based writing session. To be perfectly honest, the rewrite produced a much better script. Inspiration, not inebriation.

When Charles Bukowski was around he probably could answer that question faster than he could put back a full bottle of wine at one of his poetry readings. (Very fast.) He never stopped at one full bottle. The guy must have been prickled!

Some regular readers here might say to my claim that I don't write over beer or wine: "Coulda fooled me." Quantity, not quality.

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