Monday, February 24, 2020

Sometimes (Friends) Say the Funniest Things

Many years ago, when I had roommates, I was kidded about something and it did not offend me at all, simply because there was a kernel of truth. I laughed.

"Oh, Simon and his big Russian music."

This humorous roommate of mine was a musician, and a very fine one at that. I have a couple of his albums.

My musical tastes are somewhat broad, but when one plays jazz music nice and loud, "Oh, Simon and his jazz music" just doesn't sound funny.


DonaldAR said...

Wow - I was taken back (and aback) to see this post. Never knew you to be an aficionado. One of my Dad's (and my) favourites!

Simon St. Laurent said...

I remember you playing some of your dad's LPs for me. You may have been the one who introduced me to Brubeck.

You did introduce me to Frank Zappa, by playing some tracks from "Sheik Yerbouti".

(That's what friends are for.)

It was through a "Great Composers" course I took in film school that I got an in-depth introduction to Dave Brubeck.

Great stuff!