Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sean Connery (1930 - 2020)

Like many folk I awoke this morning to the news that veteran actor Sean Connery passed away earlier today. Much is made in this sad news about the proud Scotsman being the first actor to play James Bond in feature films. It's a role for which he'll always be remembered, no matter the many and varied roles he played until he retired from acting a few years ago. While not my favourite "Bond", that prestigious title goes to George Lazenby, Connery is remembered by many as the 007. "Bond, James Bond."

The actor first made an impression on me when I was eleven or twelve years of age. I was watching a black & white film on television, and my mother said: "That's Sean Connery. He's Welsh [sic]."

Minutes ago I did some research. It did not take long as I had remembered two vital research clues: a reporter; the Second World War.

The flick: Another Time, Another Place (1958).

One film I noted as not being mentioned in Sean Connery's obituaries: Zardoz (1974, director John Boorman).

As for my favourite....I'd have to think about that one. The Great Train Robbery (1978) is a fun one; there's The Untouchables (1987). Okay: Goldfinger (1964).


DonaldAR said...

I was losing my mind yesterday cuz all the headlines I could find read pretty much this: "Sean Connery, former ‘James Bond’ actor, dead at age 90."
I said to my wife, Oh my God, the headlines should read: "Sean Connery - fucking legend - has passed! Bow your heads and know we weren't fit to to tie his shoelaces!"
Today I look and almost universally they've all changed to something to this effect: "Sean Connery, the ‘original’ James Bond, dies at 90."
And then I find National Post has changed their previously mediocre headline to the following, and I'm chuckling: "A global legend': Former James Bond actor Sean Connery dies aged 90."
Now I'm going to found an Invisible Dragon worshiping cult with him as the ultimate deity. He was 'the lasht one,' you know. Couldn't be any stranger in the superstitious Yahoos with way too much influence in the States and elsewhere right now...

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thanks for the notes!

Not to be forgotten is Connery's body of work.

The National Post, for one, has sloppy headlines.