Sunday, October 18, 2020

Tottenham's Special Luck Ran Out

I was about to write a piece about Tottenham Hotsput F.C. and their special luck whenever I sit down to watch them play a match.

Tottenham was up by a score of 3 to nil as I started to sketch out the blog post idea. Then: Two quick goals from West Ham within the last ten minutes of regulation time. Then, at about three minutes of stoppage time, seconds after the play-by-play announcer said "this should be about it", goal number three. (As I noodled on the keyboard, certain football players noodled in the goal.) The game was officially over; the West Ham squad went nuts.

By the way, what a beautiful game-tying goal: just inside the goal net's top right-hand corner. And I thought only ice hockey could be that exciting.

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