Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Very Basic List of CV Things

So you, the reader, know what it is you're getting into when you come here, I thought it was time I post my CV. And here it is, in "dust jacket bio" point form:

* hospital photographer (public relations, general, haematology, surgery)
* hospital A/V tech (live streaming, teleconferencing)
* brewery worker (Molson Brewery: line and maintenance)
* factory/warehouse worker
* lighting cameraman (short film, music video, video production)
* television studio camera operator
* designer (feature film, television commercial, short film, web-series, exhibit)
* optical camera operator (feature film, television film, television series)
* set construction & prop building (feature film, TV commercial, independent production)
* writer (print, short film, video production)
* consultant (television commercial, 'process' screen, historical aviation screenplay)
* researcher (film/television history, aviation, Soviet space program, general history, etc.)
* producer/director (independent film & video production)
* film programmer (Toronto Public Library)
* projectionist (film, digital; T.I.F.F.)
* film festival technical director (R.P.F.F.)
* instructor (film & video production; L.I.F.T.)
* video tech (duplication, film-to-tape transfer)
* web design
* archivist (film/television)
* baseball umpire (Ontario Baseball Association)
* ice hockey player - forward & goaltender (B.B.M.H.A.)
* ice hockey coach - Bantam (Knights of Columbus)
* football (soccer) player (B.B.M.S.A.)
* siding installer & general construction
* sales agent


Tibor said...

Baseball Umpire? Never would have thought in a million years!

Simon St. Laurent said...

No kidding.

I had one loud: "Ooiyyyyy!!!

Even better. And something I had a reputation for amongst my fellow umps: "You're gone!!"

DonaldAR said...

You forgot: "Fantasy Gigilo" and "Backup Dancer"

Simon St. Laurent said...

No I haven't....