Thursday, May 12, 2016

Film Design: The Atmosphere of Johnny Shortwave

Johnny Shortwave is a black-and-white feature length film that was shot in late 1988 and early 1989.

Early in the design phase I grabbed a stick of charcoal and quickly whipped up what I called an "Atmosphere Sketch". As depicted in the screenplay, the future is not rosy in more ways than one, which is what I tried to convey in the drawing.

I'll have more material from Johnny Shortwave very soon....


Tibor said...

Says it was from 1996 on IMDB and nothing on youtube. Must have been a slog for the producers.

Simon St. Laurent said...

The interesting thing is when I was in "opticals", and started at Film Opticals of Canada, I ended up working on the titles for the film -- this was November of 1994. Actually, while I was employed at Film Effects (Toronto) a couple of years earlier I was involved with compositing some of the montage optical sections.

Throughout much of the summer of 1988 I worked with producers Michael Bockner and Peter Boboras on a treatment for a science fiction film idea. The project morphed into Johnny Shortwave. Mike took it from there; he was driven on that screenplay. He had a clear vision, which really came through in the montage sequences I mentioned above. (I had no involvement with the "Shortwave" story or script.)

Sorry, I had no intention of sounding like some sort of Forrest Gump.