Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Star Trek (The Motion Picture) Into Orbit

I kept the archival browning intact.

The above is a little newspaper clipping from the (I'm guessing) Toronto Sun regarding the week following the December 7th, 1979, opening of the very first Star Trek movie; titled, simply enough, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

I remember reading at the time -- in another newspaper piece -- that the film took the classic dip after its opening week but regained some of its traction with the movie-going public immediately afterward. It ended its run having made a lot of money, but not as much as Paramount had hoped for considering the investment.

The last time I saw the featured film was about fifteen years ago: I like it more "now".

Did I see Star Trek Into Darkness? No. No interest whatsoever.

I have to finish watching 24 Hour Party People....


Greg Woods said...

I liked "Star Trek Into Darkness". And I liked "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier". So there. Sybok, the Vulcan Zen freak! That guy needed his own series... seriously!

Simon St. Laurent said...

That's great.

I have no interest in seeing STID (?!).

Sybok? I have not seen that movie since it came out. It does have one superb scene, however: McCoy and his father.