Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Donald Trump is Obsessed With Canada

U.S. president Donald J. Trump is now accusing Canadians, all Canadians, no doubt, of tripping down south, buying shoes and wearing them back in order to avoid the huge "tariffs". I saw the news vid of him ranting about the issue. He's positively obsessed with this country and its lowly inhabitants.

He'll really freak when this news gets out:

Canadians are venturing down to the States to buy underwear off all kinds. When they get back to the home country they execute a sneaky little wardrobe change; what had been worn in the usual position to pass customs is methodically moved: The underwear is now worn on the outside.


Adele Menegon said...

Trump has chosen an effective way to discourage cross border shopping. I and many of my friends and relatives [ who have been avid shoppers there] and who have regularly visited Seneca Casino, have vowed not to spend another penny in the States. I wonder what the businesses in the Military Road Mall and casino think of this and if they are still happy with him.

Simon St. Laurent said...

The hardest question, for some: 2 + 2 =