Friday, June 1, 2018

Black and White

Conrad Black, the writer, former newspaper publisher, and a few other things of title, wrote a column for the National Post newspaper giving support to Conservative Party of Ontario leader Doug Ford -- the obvious choice for premier come June 7th.

My reaction was "does not compute". And: "Conrad Black?"

An intellectual recommends Doug Ford?

That would be akin to HAL 9000 endorsing....

("I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly.")


Jon said...

One can almost sympathize with Llllooord Black. He cannot conceivably support any of the other parties against his own interest, so he must hold his nose and back Ford. For all the claim to the moral high ground that right-wing types espouse, in reality, most would vote for anybody if they promised a tax cut.

Simon St. Laurent said...

I agree on all points.

"A twenty-percent personal income tax cut." Is he joking? (No, he's not.) That's a massive amount of cash....which he will make up by (some way he refuses to divulge; because he doesn't know).

DonaldAR said...

I'm going to call you on the label “intellectual.” While he possesses a Masters and two undergraduate degrees, I consider Black a shrewd businessman with academic tendencies, not “a person possessing a highly developed intellect” (Oxford). Conman Black and Drug Ford are birds of a feather. Black is a pompous ass, Ford a blowhard. Both like nothing better than antagonizing people, and hearing and/or reading about themselves. Their “success” was financed with Daddy's money (remind you of anyone else?). Black is a career criminal who renounced Canadian citizenship (for that alone, nobody should be paying any attention to the douche barge). Ford is a corrupt politician and member of a drug-dealing crime family. In support of my contention that Black is not an intellectual, and/or wilfully ignorant; I quote the column referred to:
“Doug Ford represents frugal but compassionate government, concern for the people but refusal to make a socialist hammock-pitch for their votes. He is not a precise and overly articulate champion of detailed policy, but he can be relied on to do the right and the sensible thing” Pardon? So do you mean: “...unless you are a person with autism or an advocate/parent?” And what the heck is a 'socialist hammock-pitch?' Artistic license? Conrad Black is wealthy and vile, and it is it is no surprise that in an his op ed in the conservative rag he founded, that he supports a cad of his ilk.

Simon St. Laurent said...

You make some good points. The pure definition of what an intellectual is cannot be argued against.

Black's thesaurus-head is impressive, and may be mistaken for intellectualism.