Monday, June 25, 2018

"Notes from a Brat" Coming Back Soon

Ontario politics have distracted me here, as have certain U.S. politics (Hello, Mister Trump). It's time to get back to the plan. The last time I posted a "Notes from a Brat" (or a title with slight variations) piece was August 15th of last year: Those Magnificent Brats and Their Base Theatres is one of my favourite of my own brat-memories notes.

A friend of mine has told me a few times that his favourite pieces on this blog are the brat stories. Why does any writer need to be pushed?....

In the works....

Gone Fishin'!

Carry On Up the Rhine

Walking Distance to Iffezheim

Comics at Lunch

From Campbell to Barker

The Dune Sea

... and more!

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