Thursday, August 27, 2020

I'm Anarkyvist: John Williams - NBC Today - 1989

In early 2011 I felt it was time to start digitizing my VHS collection of over 200 tapes. To YouTube I went and signed up under the improbable and somewhat mysterious name of "Anarkyvist". The project got off to a good start, but after the initial volley, I seemed to lose interest while gaining other convenient distractions. It's time to go back to those VHS boxes and the conversion process, but for now I will take a look back here on this blog....

Yesterday I filed the first posting in the series. That 5-minute video is an NBC Today segment from 1983 on my favourite film scorer, the late Jerry Goldsmith. Today on Today, albeit from March 27th of 1989: a chat with famed Hollywood composer John Williams.

Film critic Gene Shalit interviews the congenial maestro, with a special emphasis on The Accidental Tourist, a film release from the year before. In hindsight, I wish these profile pieces were longer. Now, of course, they'd run for 65 seconds.

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