Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pop Up Demo Miniature Scenery

Back in November of 2009 I wrote a piece about my experiences designing a set for the 1987 Canadian horror film Graveyard Shift. I mentioned building a 'table top' miniature on spec to show the film's producers that I could design and construct one in just a few hours, and, just as importantly, for next to no money. (In the first, and later abandoned, production there was a need for scenery in miniature form.) The above diorama took four to five hours to design and construct. Afterward I took a series of snaps, which I presented to Graveyard Shift's production manager and producer.

The punchline is I got the job. I like to think that my model job helped me secure the gig.


Jon said...

There's nothing like tangible proof that one can do the job needed!

Simon St. Laurent said...

It's amazing how much of the bar graph is "Speed"; especially on television series'.