Saturday, September 28, 2019

Baden-Baden Guidebook 1970

Baden-Baden, Germany, is beautiful. It was near that historic town where I spent four years of my childhood and the memories are strong, especially when I look at pictures in this guidebook from the time I was there.

Welcome to Baden-Baden in Der Schwarzwald, and these sample pages:

The photo immediately above is of the Rastatt pool. It is where my swimming skills were fine-tuned by my swim coach mother. The pool complex was, and still is, I'm sure, a great place. (If the kid who stole my Fina swim ring reads this he should feel bad. At least he had the courtesy to replace my new one with his old one.)

The racetrack above is in Iffezheim and it's just a few minutes walk from where I lived. Not only did I see a few horse races at the track, but there was a smashup derby held one night by we Canadians which was a lot of fun. (Cars smashed up, not horses.)


The above piece first appeared as "Baden-Baden, West Germany, Guidebook (circa 1970)" on September 14, 2016.


Francois said...

Awesome memories. Did you speak German Then? Any words left in your mind?


Simon St. Laurent said...

Nein! Well....bits and pieces. I lived in a town: surrounded by Germans; pretzels; Bratwurst; Knackwurst; and beer. It was great!

I just noticed something: "Bratwurst" must have been marketed for (military) "Brats".