Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Star Trek Without Me - Picard

This morning I stumbled upon a review of the new CBS All Access "Star Trek" series, Star Trek: Picard. As I've stated on this blog before, my usual ritual for a new television Trek is to watch the first two episodes and stop there. ("That's quite enough.")

I read Entertainment Weekly's review, Can Star Trek: Picard recover from its bafflingly bad premiere?, and then and there decided I'm going to take a Starfleet pass on Picard. The piece's reviewer, Darren Franich, reads as fair and thoughtful; and, at times, funny. It's just one review, and normally I don't bother reading film or television reviews, but it effectively convinced me to skip tonight's premiere.

I laughed out loud here:

"It’s possible that [producer Alex] Kurtzman’s response would be a variation of an opinion I’ve seen elsewhere: Well, times are tougher now, so Star Trek should be tougher. As if the late ’60s were all peace and quiet."

Full if late disclosure: I couldn't watch Star Trek: Picard even if I was compelled to, since I don't have the CTV Sci-Fi Channel (here in Canada). After the premiere, ST:P switches over to the Crave streaming service. Perhaps if subspace chatter is strong tomorrow I'll watch episode 2....

Final thought: A show's star actor should never be let into the writers' room.

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