Sunday, January 5, 2020

From the Super Ego - Number One

I’ve seen a few lists regarding ‘best of’ from last year. This helped me look inward, towards this blog. What are the postings that gave me the most pleasure, whether due to a later re-read, which I almost never do, and feedback, either through comments or hit-counts? (All those hits make writing and posting rewarding.)

The first re-post to buff my ego? Of course it must be about the Toronto Maple Leafs.

From May 8th....

Forth-One to What?....

Minutes ago I joined TVO's public affairs program The Agenda in progress....

Host Steve Paikin had a few guests at the table. The subject seemed to be about children in sports. Paikin turned to the lady sitting to his right and said something like this: "There was a case last October where a Cambridge hockey team made up of a bunch of eight-year-olds played a team from another town and won the game by a score of forty-one to nothing."

A look of concern passed back and forth between the woman and the host.

I thought: "What? How is that possible? Were they playing the Leafs?"

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