Saturday, January 25, 2020

Where's Winter? (Here in Toronto, At Least)

Strolling about here in Toronto today made me realize we've not really had a winter yet. I was carrying my coffee minutes ago without my gloves on. However, I was side-armed with my brolly since there is off and on light drizzle.

One day a week ago we had a small snow storm but all was forgotten and forgiven the next morning as I walked along dry sidewalks.

The forecast for the next few days shows above-normal temperatures for this time of year -- as high as 4 degrees.

There is time for more winter. But in a few weeks, early March, we'll likely get a warm spell -- 10 to 15 degrees Celsius; then a dip down to cooler, more seasonal, temperatures.

Then there's that Toronto spring: barely a spring at all. One day you're wearing your winter coat; the next, a spring jacket; the next, no jacket at all.

Hello summer!

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