Friday, April 10, 2020

DAZN Darn (One Must Show Support)

Due to reasons most valid and vital, sports streaming service DAZN is not carrying "ball games" at the moment. Of course my luck is such that I decided to sign up for the channel just before our world-wide health crisis took hold, but I had managed to see a few Premier League football matches, which reminded me how much I love that team sport. There are some archived matches on DAZN, but I decided to pull the plug for now.

From an email sent to me by the company:

"... We're sorry to see you go. When you're ready to watch sports again, jump straight back in."

Dear Sirs,

Oh, believe me. I will.


A British friend of mine told me a funny story from when he was a teenager: He was walking down a path with a good mate of his when they were approached by young football supporters.

A discussion ensued:

(with some aggression)
What team do you support?!

Foot ball? I don't like foot ball.

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