Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Education of Peter MacKay

Peter MacKay, candidate for new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, sent the following email blast. It's quite the blast. (Posted to Twitter earlier today by National Post "Parliament Hill" reporter Brian Platt. Bold emphasis is in the original.)

Dear Brian,

Canadians are a resilient people.

We have overcome diversity before. We will do so again.

In the face of struggle and hardship, heroes have emerged. Acts of kindness have inspired us.

It's a matter of time before mitigating measures and new medicines will defeat the virus. But then what?

We must be ready as Conservatives to lead the recovery effort, to rebuild what has been broken and come out of COVID stronger than ever as a country.

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Simon St. Laurent said...

My choice of title was inspired by The Education of Mike McManus, an OECA / TVO public affairs programme I started watching when I was 14 years of age. Recently I checked some YouTube clips. Why does he now look so young to me?....