Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Breakfast Cereal Aisle?

Looking for canned peas. But somehow I end up in the wrong aisle: the breakfast cereal section. Look at all the multi-coloured boxes! Which reminds me of a story of when a friend of mine came into town to visit TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival).

As per just about any month or year, in September of 2006 my cupboards lacked any boxes of cold breakfast cereal. Not even one to impress, or feed, visitors.

My friend and I would have to eat in the morning. His visiting me was cause for celebration: going out to eat. "There's a really good diner just around the corner." For the duration of this special occasion my buddy and I whirled a variation on this brekkie thing.

Later on I heard something that broke my breaky heart: "Going without cereal for so many days was tough on me."

"You should have said something! I would've picked up a couple boxes of Froot Loops."


The above first appeared as "The Breakfast Cereal Isle?" on February 24, 2018.

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