Friday, June 26, 2020

We Know What Happened Here....

A guest column in yesterday's Toronto Sun extols the virtues of a "Prime Minister Andrew Scheer".

It opens:

"Like almost every conservative I know, I believe Andrew Scheer would make an infinitely better prime minister than Justin Trudeau."


I continue reading.

This feels like an advertisement for the Conservative Party of Canada. (A Toronto Sun specialty. What is "newspaper"?)


The editorial was authored by Kory Keneycke, a man with quite the work history.

It ends:

— Kory Teneycke was director of communications to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, founder of the Sun News Network, and campaign manager for Ontario Premier Doug Ford

I find that funny.

(Note: In his list of Scheer attributes, Mr Kenycke conveniently forgot to mention certain financial indiscretions.)


First posted as "Supporting the Toronto Sun's Party Line" on August 24, 2018.


DonaldAR said...

I'm not sure if it's more amusing or disturbing that there are four (4!) separate entries on the Wikipedia page under "Controversy" for this douchenozzle. Even the Conservative Party doesn't think Scheer should be Prime Minister.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Seasoned Conservatives knew that Andrew Scheer would scuttle their chances. We heard a lot of this kind of talk before October 21st of last year.