Friday, June 5, 2020

The Voice of Reason

As my siblings would attest, my late father had a way with words and phraseology. (It was backed up by some practical experience: On Lancasters with RAF Bomber Command in the last months of WWII; decades with Canada's finest, the RCAF/CAF.)

With all the crap going on right now, especially south of the border, with the racist and thuggish police forces, and Herr Trump himself, I wish my dear ol' dad was here to comment. With every video I watch of peaceful demonstrators being attacked when it is their constitutional right to protest, and angry Cons, who I now refer to as "FarCons", going ballistic over any support shown toward the oppressed, I 'hear' his voice.

Okay. I have enough memories to piece something applicable together....

"It's a goddamn lunatic asylum!"

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