Sunday, May 8, 2022

Film Production: Shooting Aliens in Their Lair

Yours truly, behind the Arriflex BL III 35 mm camera, shoots a scene of aliens doing their evil thing. Hyper-Reality is the name of the uncompleted film. I co-wrote (with the talented Tim A. Cook and Michelle Berry), directed, and designed the short ― of a planned 22-minute duration.

We shot these sequences in Studio 1 at the then 23FPS Studios here in Toronto. I was working at the time as an "optical camera/printer operator" (film compositor) at Film Opticals of Canada Ltd.

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Simon St. Laurent said...

My initial designs for the "Alien Lair" had a rocky wall background, as in a cave. This approach would have been yet another expense, and it forced me to rethink the idea: go "Full Irwin Allen"! Black limbo was the cost-saving key, and one method of many that the always frugal Mr Allen had his crew do in many episodes of Lost in Space in order to keep production costs down.