Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Adding Up Some Strange New Worlds

Last Friday I posted my Star Trek television habits: I noted my watch history on each Trek sequel series.

In recap....

Star Trek: The Next Generation
I watched most episodes from the first two seasons (it was okay, but very rarely sparkled)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
I watched the first two episodes (I have absolutely no memory of them)

Star Trek: Voyager
First two episodes (which I liked, actually)

First two episodes (which were terrible)

Star Trek: Discovery
First episode (which was incomprehensible to me)

Star Trek: Picard
Nothing (starring a fine actor, but a boring character)

Last night I cleared some time to watch the latest Trekkian Spin-o-rama.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
The first episode (it was horrible; that's clearly enough; back to the real, non-CGI, world)


Simon St. Laurent said...

An old friend asked me what I thought of Star Trek: Strange New World's premiere episode.

The most positive thing I could say was:

"When Courage's fanfare lights up with that typeface... Chills!!"

Simon St. Laurent said...

Last night I decided to give episode 2 a try. I stopped just minutes in. The acting was cringe-worthy.

That's enough.