Friday, August 24, 2018

Supporting the Toronto Sun's Party Line

A guest column in yesterday's Toronto Sun extols the virtues of a "Prime Minister Andrew Scheer".

It opens:

"Like almost every conservative I know, I believe Andrew Scheer would make an infinitely better prime minister than Justin Trudeau."


I continue reading.

This feels like an advertisement for the Conservative Party of Canada. (A Toronto Sun specialty. What is "newspaper"?)


The editorial was authored by Kory Keneycke, a man with quite the work history.

It ends:

— Kory Teneycke was director of communications to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, founder of the Sun News Network, and campaign manager for Ontario Premier Doug Ford

I find that funny.

(Note: In his list of Scheer attributes, Mr Kenycke conveniently forgot to mention certain financial indiscretions.)

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