Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I've Had My Fill of the Toronto Sun?

I have a sense of humour, even about myself. Minutes ago I went to the Toronto Sun website and was greeted with a shock; not by one of their mindless editorials, but by this:

You have read your 10th of 10
complimentary articles this month

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Sure, no problem. I'm going to donate money to a right-wing rag.

My real point, and back to my admission about me having a sense of humour about myself: I have read ten articles on the Toronto Sun's website; in less than a week, no less.

Ha! I'll outwit them. I'll just switch to one of my other devices....

Post Script: I'm surprised the banner didn't read as follows....

You have read you're 10th of 10
complementary articles this month

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