Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Welcome Back Paikin

After a summer off, the superlative Steve Paikin has returned to TVOntario with his exemplary agenda: The Agenda.

Tonight's program is running right now, with Todd Smith, the Ontario Minister of Government and Consumer Services, the guest as I write this:

Good ol' Paikin is pushing.

"A promise broken. How do you explain it?"

I love it; and I'm glad he's back....


Dominic M said...

Yeah...I'm glad he got ahead of that "thing".

Simon St. Laurent said...

"Steve Paikin?!"

Many 'journalists' on the Right claim to "ask the tough questions". The joke is they do not; they ask the tough questions that are convenient. Paikin doesn't care where his subject sits....he just asks good, honest questions. "No, I get that, but...."