Friday, September 7, 2018

Re Design on a City's Future

From May 12, 2016:

Film Design: The Atmosphere of Johnny Shortwave

Johnny Shortwave is a black-and-white feature length film that was shot in late 1988 and early 1989.

Early in the design phase I grabbed a stick of charcoal and quickly whipped up what I called an "Atmosphere Sketch". As depicted in the screenplay, the future is not rosy in more ways than one, which is what I tried to convey in the drawing.

I'll have more material from Johnny Shortwave very soon....


Dominic M said...

Would this have been a forced perspective kinda effect or green screened with actors or just a straight up model shot?

Simon St. Laurent said...

It was a sketch illustrating the state of affairs in a future city. Any number of techniques would have worked. I had designed more specific shots (storyboards) but there was no money in the budget to do much of anything. Now, of course: Peanuts!

Thanks for the question!