Sunday, September 30, 2018

Tim Horton, Tim Hortons, The Toronto Maple Leafs

Tim Hortons coffee is sub par to me. A friend of mine said it best recently: "You taste the cream and sugar more than the coffee." (With normal amounts of cream and sugar, of course.) It made perfect sense that I drag home a "Tims" coffee. Convenience, no doubt.

On the current paper cup is this:

Tim Horton

Our founder, Miles Gilbert "Tim" Horton,
played 24 seasons in the NHL and won
4 Stanley Cup Championships
with the Toronto Maple Leafs

That reminds me how long ago it was the Leafs last won a Stanley Cup: 1967

Which reminds me.

Again, we're hearing: "this year!"

Didn't we hear that last year? And the year before that?

It was when I was a young boy that the Toronto Maple Leafs made me open up a dictionary and look for the perfect word to describe them: "Got it! Pathos."

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