Friday, September 21, 2018

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and His Litracy

"I'm for the taxpayers of Ontario!"

We know. Over and over again.

"... professional protesters!" if I pick up a placard and "protest", that makes me a "professional protester".

I'm already fed up with Ford. I'm tired of his simplemindedness.

I picked-up one of those word-search books in my effort to get him to start reading. If I bump into the premier I'll hand it to one of his associates: "It's a donation. When you give it to Mister Ford, please explain to him how it works. Here's a 2-B pencil and an eraser."


Adele Menegon said...

Ford and Trump should have a DNA test done. I'm sure they are related!

Simon St. Laurent said...

It's the lack of intellect that astounds. No desire to learn. They prove that knowledge is (not needed for) power. Vacuous rules!