Monday, October 8, 2018

Creative Writing Process: The Idea (!)

A blog post starts with an idea. ("Thank you. I did not know that.") In the above case I was watching an episode of The Agenda - with Steve Paikin, TVO's most excellent public affairs program, when a certain guest refused to answer a question in a straightforward manner. Mr Paikin called her out on it. He said something along the lines of: "Nice answer . . . but at no point did you answer my question."

I did not carry the idea past the above scribble which I had scratched down during the program. The bottom-of-screen graphic said: "Reviving Ontario's Liberal Party - Time for a Refresh."

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Simon St. Laurent said...

I should mention: That "certain guest" was Melissa Lantsman. It's funny how, now, she accuses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of not answering questions. The irony is, as I like to say, stunning.