Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Apotcalypse in a Puff of Smoke, eh?

The end of a civilized Canada did not come.

Canadians did not awake with reefers dangling between dry lips.

Convenience store owners did not become instant millionaires.

Zombies have not increased in number.

And some thought it would all end....

Smoke another one, my friend.


Jon said...

I thought it was very Canadian, all those lineups at the newly opened pot shops. "I've always wanted to smoke this stuff, but I waited until it was legal."

Simon St. Laurent said...


Adele Menegon said...

Different strokes for different folks! I smoked tobacco for 50 years and do not want to fall into that trap again. I need a pain killer that won't ruin my kidney[only have one] or liver so am trying CBD oil which doesn't help much. I have a referral to a clinic and am looking for something that will help with pain but not get me high. At 85 trying to maintain my balance is a full -time job!
For pot smokers - what's the story on lung cancer? Is it better or worse than tobacco?

Jon said...

Smoking marijuana has similar risks to smoking tobacco, but few pot smokers consume a pack a day.