Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ontario's Opening for Business Opportunities

Ontario's Bouncing Baby Boy, Premier Doug Ford, has been promising that he will be the difference between a run-down province and a prosperous one.

He's got it!

Signs at all 18 of Ontario's border crossings with our southern neighbour. Just to make sure there is no mistake that U.S. businesses and investors think they cannot work with us, Ford's inspired endeavour will start the road to cementing the big deals.


"Welcome to Ontario? Open for business? Holy cow! I did not know. I was just driving to Ontario to get some cheap goods and I learned something new and exciting: opportunities I had not known even existed before I saw that fantastic sign!"

Mr Ford is using taxpayer dollars for his childish act. He constantly criticized his predecessor, Kathleen Wynne, for taking advantage of the very same funding model, and yet he refuses to answer questions about how much his playground plan is costing.

Jumpin' Jolly Jumpers!

The Toronto Star: Ford can't put a dollar amount on his 'open for business' signs

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