Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Toronto Municipal Politics and the Future

As I noted in one of my posts here yesterday, Torontonians went to the polls.

Incumbent mayor John Tory won in a landslide.

In my riding of University-Rosedale, Mike Layton easily took this new combined ward: Ward 11 is made up of former 19, 20, and 27. (That's too many.)

Toronto's economy is huge. There's been talk recently, serious and otherwise, of this city breaking away from the great country of Canada and becoming its own republic. Not a bad idea. Imagine me as a member of the Ruling Council.

Justin Trudeau enters the council chamber and asks: "Is this the ruling council?"


Dominic M said...

Happy with the election results? Things didn't go my way in Hamilton. Looks like we're getting the magic trolley after all.

Simon St. Laurent said...

I'm happy that John Tory was reinstalled. As for the rest; time will tell.

Thanks for the Hamilton notes! Sorry to hear that things didn't go your way.